Auto Space
The Pioneer Of Global Innovations And Industry Development
Auto Space started in Shanghai, with offices in 10 major cities in the world, and is committed to becoming an industrial operator with the strongest resource integration capabilities in the automotive field.
Become a leader in the automotive innovation industry.
Form a regional automobile industry ecosystem.
Promote high-quality and sustainable economic development.
Development History
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
Cooperate with Country Garden to build Autospace Intelligent Networking East China Innovation Center in Jurong, Jiangsu
Reached a strategic cooperation with Jinshajiang United Capital, which will complement each other's advantages in capital, information, industry, etc., and jointly provide more professional and diverse services for entrepreneurs in the automotive industry
Business Introduction
Investment Management & Investment Banking

Accumulatively served more than 50 innovative projects at home and abroad,

Cumulative transaction amount reached 500 million US dollars

Management Consulting

In-depth analysis of the market environment combined with internal factors

Tailor-made corporate strategies

Channel Expansion

Combine industry research industry background

Assist companies to expand industry resources

Broaden the supply chain and market channels


Gathering of outstanding automobile companies at home and abroad

Organize road shows, theme forums and salons, high-level evening talks and other activities

Industry Landing

Help companies choose the best industrialized area

Develop a feasible investment plan and assist the park government to negotiate to maximize benefits

Talent Incubation

For early global high-tech experts, innovative and entrepreneurial talents,

Accelerate the transformation of technology in China

Promote talents to settle in China

Industrial Complex
Features of Auto Space Industrial Park
  • Auto Space has been committed to the construction of automotive innovation industrial parks for many years, focusing on promoting industrial development and upgrading around eight industries such as new energy, intelligent network and new materials.
  • Build a vertical, international, and sophisticated industrial park
  • Accumulated more than 1,000 cooperative enterprises, becoming an important driving force leading the development of regional industries
Vertical ecology
Vertical ecology
 Industry alliance aggregation
 Innovative business growth
 Leading enterprise development
International Structure
International Structure
 Roland Berger
Technological innovation
Technological innovation
AUTO SPACE national layout

Relying on industrial resources and professional services, Chechuang has successfully operated four industrial complexes in Shanghai Jiading, Suzhou Changshu, Nanjing Jiangbei, and Guangdong Foshan.
Yangtze River Delta region
Jiading Automobile·Chuangxin Port
Suzhou (Changshu) Smart Car City
Shanghai & Deqing
Zhangjiang Global Investment Promotion Center
Smart Car City, Jiangbei New District, Nanjing
Pearl River Delta region
Foshan Sanshui Smart Car Port
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Address: Room 2802, K. Wah Centre, 1010 Middle Huaihai Road,
Xuhui District, Shanghai, China
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